A Cupcake Bouquet- the perfect surprise for that special person that you haven't seen for a while. Let them know that you miss them and that you are thinking of them

Welcome to our delightful and exquisite Cupcake Bouquets - beautiful tasting cupcakes with a twist! These carefully designed cupcakes are organised to look exactly like spectacular flower arrangements.

If the recipient loves flowers and cake – then a stylish Cupcake Bouquet is the perfect gift!

Made fresh to order and using the finest ingredients we are committed to not only giving you a Cupcake Bouquet that looks great but also tastes as good as it looks!

So why not surprise that special person with a Cupcake Bouquet. Not only are the bouquets stunning in design but you can choose any colour combination to match in with your celebration. Make your party extra stylish with a Cupcake Bouquet table centrepieces, a truly unique twist to any gathering.

To appreciate our cupcakes at their finest, we recommend they are eaten on the day of delivery and or within 3 days.

Bouquet Cupcakes

  • Posy Bouquet of 7 Cup Cakes €35.00
  • Regular Bouquet of 12 Cup Cakes €47.00
  • Mega Bouquets of 19 Cup Cakes €66.00
  • Delux Bouquet of 24 Cup Cakes €80.00
  • Mega Delux Bouquet of 30 Cup Cakes €95.00

  • Boxed Cupcakes

    Cupcake Bouquet Flowers with personalised Toppers - Boxed

  • Single with selection of chocolates (will vary according to availability)€8.00
  • Box of 4 €16.00
  • Box of 6 €24.00
  • Box of 12 €36.00

  • Rose Swirls

    With Non Personalised Toppers (Happy Birthday, Baby Shower, Anniversary etc)

  • Box of 4 €12.50
  • Box of 6 €18.00
  • Box of 12 €30.00

  • Prices quoted are for a light and and fluffy vanilla cupcake with with a divine Velvet Vanilla Buttercream, that has to be tasted to be believed as to just how divine it is.

    Other options are available, in a variety of colours and flavours, thus creating a unique and bespoke design of your own.

    PRICE: All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except for prices for an order that has already been accepted by Creative Bakes